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10 Instagram accounts about Paris you #mustfollow
2 October 2016|LifestyleOtherPhotographyTravel

10 Instagram accounts about Paris you #mustfollow

10 Instagram accounts about Paris you #mustfollow


These 10 Instagram accounts will make the city of lights your next destination.



14569052_1100320313380770_2075668650_nThis French photographer was one of the first to owe his success to Instagram. With his 1.2 million followers and his amazing clichés of Paris bridges and monuments Vutheara Kham knows how to win over the new generation.



14569629_1100320376714097_538853470_nCarin Olsson is a fashion-insider. She moved from Sweden to Paris to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. She now is an international inspiration as her fancy feed based on fashion, lifestyle and travel photography. She also encouraged many people all around the world to move to Paris like she did.



14568947_1100320633380738_1326884919_n Nathalie Geffroy, and artistic director in Paris is in charge of this account and her photos are as stunning as colourful. She sets up positive vibes and it is very satisfying.



14585279_1100320526714082_437987187_nFrom cafés to hipster shops, this very helpful account will give you all the good addresses to make your journey in Paris unforgettable.




It’s all about lights, shadows and shapes and the result is breath taking.

“ I have always dreamed of having the ability to create images capable of telling a story. “ says Juan on his blog.




Australian based in Paris and wife of @frenchnakedchef. Anna Dawson crosses the capital with her journeyman the pink balloon and we are terribly jealous of it.




14527564_1100320446714090_1312196441_nJasmine is a photographer based in Paris and Singapore. Her cute photos of cafés, architecture or daily life create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere that’ll show you our sweet Paris.




Sebastien Pelegrin AKA the lover of symmetry and street photography will blow your mind and make you fall in love with his reflection photos.

What about we pack our bags and we see it ourselves?





New Yorker in Paris, Roxanne Natiz knows how to capture Paris and its romantic side to create a lovely and peaceful feed.



14556030_1100320516714083_1642640050_nWhat’s more magical than Paris by night? Nothing, and this French student understood how to transfer the city’s beauty throughout his feed and how to win over our hearts with his long exposures and his never-ending staircases.

Author: Louise Artru


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