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New year’s life resolutions ( 2017 )
10 January 2017|LifestyleMenswearOther

New year’s life resolutions ( 2017 )

New year’s life resolutions ( 2017 )
It’s almost 3 years now that is live ! Our Success is due to your fidelity and I’ll never thank you enough ! I’m coming back today with my new year’s resolution : check it out.

When the festive season ends, we descend into the cold, dark, return-to-work months. I think that’s why resolutions are so popular – it will be a new year and a fresh start, but giving yourself a few goals to focus on is also a decent way of making it through what is arguably the most depressing month in the calendar.

With that in mind, I have come up with some wardrobe and lifestyle resolutions to help you make it out of January in one piece.

My first new year’s resolution may seem a little absurd but hear me out. I want to post much more content on my blog & my Instagram account. I’m currently focusing on my school exams, and I try to find the time to shoot. I usually take my Instagram pictures with my iPhone and I have to admit that the result is pretty good most of the time ! I like to try new styles and I wear more and more street style clothes. On my blog, I have ( and thank god ) the precious help of my co-writers Louise & Eva wich help me a lot ! I also tried to bring  back different type of posts from precedents years on


After saying that, my second resolution of this new year seems rather hypocritical, because I do want to focus more on school. I have importants exams this year that will give me access to a further academic education. My Goal is to learn more to work more, and then give you more cool stuff for the years to come. I like to coincide school and work !

My final goal for 2017 is a style resolutionton. I want to get more shoes. I’m a big believer in quality over quantity and I like to invest in my clothes. I look after what I have and I wear items for many years. There’s so many styles of shoes I want to try and experiment with  new looks.



Thanks for reading !

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